List of Banks having SWIFT/BIC Code Branches in EG - Egypt

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Which Banks have SWIFT Code facilities in Egypt - EG

SWIFT Code Banks list in Egypt - EG

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank EgyptAcumen Securities Brokerage
African Export Import BankAhli United Bank (Egypt) S A E
Al Rowad For Securities BrokerageAl Shorouk Brokerage Co
Alahram Securities Brokerage CoAlbaraka Bank Egypt
Alex Securities BrokerageAlfa Brokerage
Aliaa Stock Brokerage HouseAlnouran Brokerage And Securities
Alwatany Bank Of EgyptAman Securities Company
Arab African International BankArab African International Securities
Arab Bank PlcArab Banking Corporation Egypt
Arab International BankArab Investment Bank
Arabeya On LineBank Audi Sae
Bank Of Alexandria S A EBank Of Nova Scotia The
Banque Du CaireBanque Misr
Barclays Bank Egypt S A EBeltone Securities Brokerage S A E
Blom Bank Egypt S A EBnp Paribas Sae Egypt
Cairo And Alexandria Stock ExchangesCairo Capital
Cairo Stock Brokerage CompanyCapital Securities Brokerage
Central Bank Of Egypt CairoChase Manhattan Bank Cairo
Citibank CairoCitytrade Securities And Brokerage
Commercial International Bank (Egypt) S A ECommercial International Brokerage Company
Credit Agricole EgyptCredit Foncier Egyptien
Credit SuisseDelta Rasmala Securities
Dynamic Securities TradingEconomic Group
Egypt StocksEgyptian Arab Land Bank
Egyptian Arabian Co (Themar) Securities Brokerage E A CEgyptian Banks Company For Technological Advancement Sae
Egyptian Financial GroupEgyptian Gulf Bank
Egyptian Investor Protection FundEgyptian Kuwaiti Securities Company
Egyptian Workers BankEgyption Emiraties Brokerage
El Horreya Securities Brokerage CoEl Marwa Brokerage Co S A E
El Orouba Brokerage FirmEl Safwa For Securities Trading
El Salam CoEl Tadamoun El Arabi Brokerage Company
Elnour SecuritiesExport Development Bank Of Egypt
Faisal Islamic Bank Of EgyptFinancial Brokerage Group
Financial Brokerage Group (Fbg)Fleming Mansour Securities Brokerage
Fortune Securities CoGlobal Capital
Golden Share SecuritiesGrand Investment Securities
Gurantee For BrokerageHa Brokerage Company
Halwan Brokerage CoHc Brokerage(S A E)
Honest BrokerageHorizon Security Brokerage Company
Housing And Development BankHsbc Bank Egypt
Hsbc James Capel Brokerage Egypt S A EHsbc Securities Egypt S A E
Ifa Securities BrokerageIndustrial Development And Workers Bank Of Egypt
Jazira Securities BrokerageLeaders
Louxor Brokerage CoLuxor Securities Brokerage
Mashreq BankMashreq Trade
Mcsd Misr For Clearing Depository And RegistryMega Investments Securities
Metro Co For Book Keeping And Stock DealingMirage Brokerage
Misr Iran Development BankMohandes Bank
Mubasher SecuritiesMubasher Trade
Naeem BrokerageNasser Social Bank
National Bank Of Abu DhabiNational Bank Of Egypt
National Bank Of Greece (Egypt Network)National Bank Of Oman (Saog)
National Investment BankNational Post Organization
National Societe Generale Bank S A ENew Brent For Securities Brokerage
Nileone BrokersOkaz Stock Brokers And Investment Consultants
Optima Securities BrokerageOsool Esb For Securities Brokerage
Pharaonic Brokerage CoPharos Holding
Pharos SecuritiesPioneers Securities
Piraeus Bank Egypt S A EPremiere Securities
Prime Securities Brokerage CoPrime Securities Sae
Principal Bank For Development And Agricultural CreditPrizma Securities Company
Rafidain BankSamba Tadawol Misr Brokerage
Saudi Egyption Co For Securities BrokerageSigma Securities Brokerage
Societe Arabe Internationale De BanqueStandard For Securities
Strategy Securities GroupSuez Canal Bank
Swiss Group For Securities BrokeragTadawol Securities Brokerage Co
Team For Stock ExchangeThe Arab Contractors
The Roots Stock Brokerage HouseThe United Bank
Triple A Securities CoTycoon For Securities
Union National Bank Egypt S A EUnited Brokerage Corporation
Universal Securities Exchange For Brokerage 

Online international wire transfer enabled SWIFT Code Banks list are Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Egypt, Acumen Securities Brokerage, African Export Import Bank, Ahli United Bank (Egypt) S A E, Al Rowad For Securities Brokerage, Al Shorouk Brokerage Co, Alahram Securities Brokerage Co, Albaraka Bank Egypt, Alex Securities Brokerage, Alfa Brokerage, Aliaa Stock Brokerage House, Alnouran Brokerage And Securities, Alwatany Bank Of Egypt, Aman Securities Company, Arab African International Bank, Arab African International Securities, Arab Bank Plc, Arab Banking Corporation Egypt, Arab International Bank, Arab Investment Bank, Arabeya On Line, Bank Audi Sae, Bank Of Alexandria S A E, Bank Of Nova Scotia The, Banque Du Caire, Banque Misr, Barclays Bank Egypt S A E, Beltone Securities Brokerage S A E, Blom Bank Egypt S A E, Bnp Paribas Sae Egypt, Cairo And Alexandria Stock Exchanges, Cairo Capital, Cairo Stock Brokerage Company, Capital Securities Brokerage, Central Bank Of Egypt Cairo, Chase Manhattan Bank Cairo, Citibank Cairo, Citytrade Securities And Brokerage, Commercial International Bank (Egypt) S A E, Commercial International Brokerage Company, Credit Agricole Egypt, Credit Foncier Egyptien, Credit Suisse, Delta Rasmala Securities, Dynamic Securities Trading, Economic Group, Egypt Stocks, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Egyptian Arabian Co (Themar) Securities Brokerage E A C, Egyptian Banks Company For Technological Advancement Sae, Egyptian Financial Group, Egyptian Gulf Bank, Egyptian Investor Protection Fund, Egyptian Kuwaiti Securities Company, Egyptian Workers Bank, Egyption Emiraties Brokerage, El Horreya Securities Brokerage Co, El Marwa Brokerage Co S A E, El Orouba Brokerage Firm, El Safwa For Securities Trading, El Salam Co, El Tadamoun El Arabi Brokerage Company, Elnour Securities, Export Development Bank Of Egypt, Faisal Islamic Bank Of Egypt, Financial Brokerage Group, Financial Brokerage Group (Fbg), Fleming Mansour Securities Brokerage, Fortune Securities Co, Global Capital, Golden Share Securities, Grand Investment Securities, Gurantee For Brokerage, Ha Brokerage Company, Halwan Brokerage Co, Hc Brokerage(S A E), Honest Brokerage, Horizon Security Brokerage Company, Housing And Development Bank, Hsbc Bank Egypt, Hsbc James Capel Brokerage Egypt S A E, Hsbc Securities Egypt S A E, Ifa Securities Brokerage, Industrial Development And Workers Bank Of Egypt, Jazira Securities Brokerage, Leaders, Louxor Brokerage Co, Luxor Securities Brokerage, Mashreq Bank, Mashreq Trade, Mcsd Misr For Clearing Depository And Registry, Mega Investments Securities, Metro Co For Book Keeping And Stock Dealing, Mirage Brokerage, Misr Iran Development Bank, Mohandes Bank, Mubasher Securities, Mubasher Trade, Naeem Brokerage, Nasser Social Bank, National Bank Of Abu Dhabi, National Bank Of Egypt, National Bank Of Greece (Egypt Network), National Bank Of Oman (Saog), National Investment Bank, National Post Organization, National Societe Generale Bank S A E, New Brent For Securities Brokerage, Nileone Brokers, Okaz Stock Brokers And Investment Consultants, Optima Securities Brokerage, Osool Esb For Securities Brokerage, Pharaonic Brokerage Co, Pharos Holding, Pharos Securities, Pioneers Securities, Piraeus Bank Egypt S A E, Premiere Securities, Prime Securities Brokerage Co, Prime Securities Sae, Principal Bank For Development And Agricultural Credit, Prizma Securities Company, Rafidain Bank, Samba Tadawol Misr Brokerage, Saudi Egyption Co For Securities Brokerage, Sigma Securities Brokerage, Societe Arabe Internationale De Banque, Standard For Securities, Strategy Securities Group, Suez Canal Bank, Swiss Group For Securities Brokerag, Tadawol Securities Brokerage Co, Team For Stock Exchange, The Arab Contractors, The Roots Stock Brokerage House, The United Bank, Triple A Securities Co, Tycoon For Securities, Union National Bank Egypt S A E, United Brokerage Corporation, Universal Securities Exchange For Brokerage, Egypt - EG