List of Banks having SWIFT/BIC Code Branches in KE - Kenya

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Which Banks have SWIFT Code facilities in Kenya - KE

SWIFT Code Banks list in Kenya - KE

African Banking Corporation LtdAfrican Development Bank
Afrika Investment Bank LtdBank Of Africa Kenya Ltd
Bank Of Baroda (Kenya) LtdBank Of India
Barclays Bank Of Kenya LtdBarclaytrust Investment Services Limited
Biashara Bank Of Kenya LtdCentral Bank Of Kenya
Cfc Financial Services LimitedCfc Stanbic Bank Limited
Charterhouse Bank LimitedChase Bank (Kenya) Limited
Citibank N A NairobiCity Finance Bank Ltd
Commercial Bank Of Africa LtdConsolidated Bank Of Kenya Ltd
Cooperative Bank Of Kenya Ltd TheCredit Bank Limited
Crossfield Securities LtdDevelopment Bank Of Kenya Limited
Diamond Trust Bank Kenya LimitedDiscount Securities Limited
Drummond Investment Bank LimitedDubai Bank Kenya Ltd
Dyer And Blair LimitedEast African Development Bank
Eastern And Southern African Trade And DevelopmentbankEcobank Kenya Ltd
Equatorial Commercial Bank LtdEquity Bank Limited
Equity Stockbrokers LimitedEuro Bank
Faida Investment Bank LtdFamily Bank Limited
Fidelity Commercial Bank LtdFina Bank Ltd
First Community Bank LimitedGiro Commercial Bank Ltd
Guardian Bank LimitedGulf African Bank Ltd
Habib Bank Ag ZurichHabib Bank Limited
Hak Securities LtdHousing Finance Company Of Kenya
I And M Bank LtdImperial Bank Limited
Industrial Development Bank LimitedK Rep Bank Limited
Kenya Commercial Bank LimitedKenya Post Office Savings Bank
Kenya Wide Securities LimitedKestrel Capital East Africa Ltd
Middle East Bank Kenya LtdNairobi Stock Exchange
National Bank Of Kenya LtdNgenye Kariuki And Co Ltd
Nic Bank LimitedOriental Commercial Bank Ltd
Panafrican Bank LimitedParamount Universal Bank Limited
Prime Bank LtdReliable Securities Limited
Renaissance Capital (Kenya) LimitedShah Munge And Partners Ltd
Solid Investment Securities LtdSouthern Credit Banking Corporation Ltd
Standard Chartered Bank Kenya LimitedStandard Investment Bank Ltd
Suntra Investment Bank LtdTrans National Bank Limited
Uba Kenya Bank LimitedVictoria Commercial Bank Limited

Online international wire transfer enabled SWIFT Code Banks list are African Banking Corporation Ltd, African Development Bank, Afrika Investment Bank Ltd, Bank Of Africa Kenya Ltd, Bank Of Baroda (Kenya) Ltd, Bank Of India, Barclays Bank Of Kenya Ltd, Barclaytrust Investment Services Limited, Biashara Bank Of Kenya Ltd, Central Bank Of Kenya, Cfc Financial Services Limited, Cfc Stanbic Bank Limited, Charterhouse Bank Limited, Chase Bank (Kenya) Limited, Citibank N A Nairobi, City Finance Bank Ltd, Commercial Bank Of Africa Ltd, Consolidated Bank Of Kenya Ltd, Cooperative Bank Of Kenya Ltd The, Credit Bank Limited, Crossfield Securities Ltd, Development Bank Of Kenya Limited, Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited, Discount Securities Limited, Drummond Investment Bank Limited, Dubai Bank Kenya Ltd, Dyer And Blair Limited, East African Development Bank, Eastern And Southern African Trade And Developmentbank, Ecobank Kenya Ltd, Equatorial Commercial Bank Ltd, Equity Bank Limited, Equity Stockbrokers Limited, Euro Bank, Faida Investment Bank Ltd, Family Bank Limited, Fidelity Commercial Bank Ltd, Fina Bank Ltd, First Community Bank Limited, Giro Commercial Bank Ltd, Guardian Bank Limited, Gulf African Bank Ltd, Habib Bank Ag Zurich, Habib Bank Limited, Hak Securities Ltd, Housing Finance Company Of Kenya, I And M Bank Ltd, Imperial Bank Limited, Industrial Development Bank Limited, K Rep Bank Limited, Kenya Commercial Bank Limited, Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, Kenya Wide Securities Limited, Kestrel Capital East Africa Ltd, Middle East Bank Kenya Ltd, Nairobi Stock Exchange, National Bank Of Kenya Ltd, Ngenye Kariuki And Co Ltd, Nic Bank Limited, Oriental Commercial Bank Ltd, Panafrican Bank Limited, Paramount Universal Bank Limited, Prime Bank Ltd, Reliable Securities Limited, Renaissance Capital (Kenya) Limited, Shah Munge And Partners Ltd, Solid Investment Securities Ltd, Southern Credit Banking Corporation Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited, Standard Investment Bank Ltd, Suntra Investment Bank Ltd, Trans National Bank Limited, Uba Kenya Bank Limited, Victoria Commercial Bank Limited, Kenya - KE