List of Banks having SWIFT/BIC Code Branches in MT - Malta

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Which Banks have SWIFT Code facilities in Malta - MT

SWIFT Code Banks list in Malta - MT

Agribank PlcAkbank T A S (Malta Branch)
Amstel Capital (Malta) LimitedAps Bank Ltd
Atlas Investment Services LimitedBanif Bank (Malta) Plc
Bank Of Valletta P L CBarclays International Investments (Malta) Limited
Bawag Malta Bank LtdCalamatta Cuschieri And Co Limited
Central Bank Of MaltaCentral Securities Depository The
Charts Investment Management Service LimitedCitco Custody Limited
Commbank Europe LtdCredit Europe Bank N V Malta Branch
Crystal Finance Investments LtdCultor Asset Management International Limited
Curmi And Partners LimitedD B R Investments Limited
Eft Global LimitedEpic Financial Services Limited
Erste Bank (Malta) LimitedEss Databridge Exchange Limited
Exante LtdFcm Bank Limited
Ferratum Bank (Malta) LimitedFexco Financial Services (Malta) Limited
Fimbank PlcFinacom Investment House Limited
Financial Planning Services LimitedFinancial Plus Investment Services Limited
Finco Treasury Management LimitedFortis Bank Malta Ltd
Garanti Bank Malta BranchGlobalcapital Financial Management Limited
Globalcapital Fund Advisors LimitedGrowth Investments Limited
Hogg Capital Investments LimitedHsbc Bank Malta P L C
Hsbc Fund Management (Malta) LimitedHsbc Investment Services (Malta) Limited
Hsbc Stockbrokers (Malta) LimitedIig Bank (Malta) Ltd
Island Financial Services LimitedIzola Bank Limited
Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services LimitedLombard Asset Managers Limited
Lombard Bank Malta PlcMalta Stock Exchange
Mediterranean Bank PlcMichael Grech Financial Investment Services Limited
Nbg Bank Malta LimitedNemea Bank
Paymix LimitedPdk Financial Services Limited
Raiffeisen Malta Bank PlcRizzo Farrugia And Co (Stockbrokers) Limited
Saadgroup Bank Europe LimitedSamrob Ltd
Sparkasse Bank Malta PlcSyspay Limited
Tell Capital LimitedTell Investments Cp
Tradexec (Tex) LimitedTravelex Financial Services Malta Ltd
Union Capital Management LtdValletta Fund Management Limited
Vitesse Advisors LimitedVitesse Funds Sicav Limited
Voicecash Bank LimitedVolksbank Malta Limited
W And J Coppini And CoW And J Coppini Investment Services Limited
Z Investment Partners Malta LtdZfp Equity Trading (Malta) Limited

Online international wire transfer enabled SWIFT Code Banks list are Agribank Plc, Akbank T A S (Malta Branch), Amstel Capital (Malta) Limited, Aps Bank Ltd, Atlas Investment Services Limited, Banif Bank (Malta) Plc, Bank Of Valletta P L C, Barclays International Investments (Malta) Limited, Bawag Malta Bank Ltd, Calamatta Cuschieri And Co Limited, Central Bank Of Malta, Central Securities Depository The, Charts Investment Management Service Limited, Citco Custody Limited, Commbank Europe Ltd, Credit Europe Bank N V Malta Branch, Crystal Finance Investments Ltd, Cultor Asset Management International Limited, Curmi And Partners Limited, D B R Investments Limited, Eft Global Limited, Epic Financial Services Limited, Erste Bank (Malta) Limited, Ess Databridge Exchange Limited, Exante Ltd, Fcm Bank Limited, Ferratum Bank (Malta) Limited, Fexco Financial Services (Malta) Limited, Fimbank Plc, Finacom Investment House Limited, Financial Planning Services Limited, Financial Plus Investment Services Limited, Finco Treasury Management Limited, Fortis Bank Malta Ltd, Garanti Bank Malta Branch, Globalcapital Financial Management Limited, Globalcapital Fund Advisors Limited, Growth Investments Limited, Hogg Capital Investments Limited, Hsbc Bank Malta P L C, Hsbc Fund Management (Malta) Limited, Hsbc Investment Services (Malta) Limited, Hsbc Stockbrokers (Malta) Limited, Iig Bank (Malta) Ltd, Island Financial Services Limited, Izola Bank Limited, Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Limited, Lombard Asset Managers Limited, Lombard Bank Malta Plc, Malta Stock Exchange, Mediterranean Bank Plc, Michael Grech Financial Investment Services Limited, Nbg Bank Malta Limited, Nemea Bank, Paymix Limited, Pdk Financial Services Limited, Raiffeisen Malta Bank Plc, Rizzo Farrugia And Co (Stockbrokers) Limited, Saadgroup Bank Europe Limited, Samrob Ltd, Sparkasse Bank Malta Plc, Syspay Limited, Tell Capital Limited, Tell Investments Cp, Tradexec (Tex) Limited, Travelex Financial Services Malta Ltd, Union Capital Management Ltd, Valletta Fund Management Limited, Vitesse Advisors Limited, Vitesse Funds Sicav Limited, Voicecash Bank Limited, Volksbank Malta Limited, W And J Coppini And Co, W And J Coppini Investment Services Limited, Z Investment Partners Malta Ltd, Zfp Equity Trading (Malta) Limited, Malta - MT